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2020 #VWEDU: LIBR: The flipped webinar: a strawman plan for the online Professional Learning Community (PLC)

The flipped webinar: 
a strawman plan for the online 
Professional Learning Community (PLC)   
To match a typical academic seminar, you have to flip it to depend heavily on inputs from the participants. We can manage that well online.  

The online Professional Learning Community 

Elements of a flipped webinar

  • Webinar management
  • Crowd-sourced agenda
  • Crowd-sourced expertise
  • Distributed meeting.

This reminds you of


    Webinar management

    • An online library such as Community Virtual Library (CVL) is a good candidate.
    • A main function of libraries is connecting people with what they want to know
    • Library science (Wikipedia)
    • Information science (Wikipedia)
    • I envision a publically accessible FW spreadsheet (FWS):
    • Queries, keywords, categories, search phrases, answer links, answer meetings, updated.
    • The spreadsheet would be publically accessible for reading.
    • Selected people in existing groups would have editing access.

    Crowd-sourced agenda

    • Agenda: what the community wants to learn more about.
    • Presentables:  What members are ready to talk about.
    • Note: meetings can host several pesentables in an hour.

    Get community queries

    Crowd-sourced expertise

    • Expertise can be provided as web links, as a video presentation, or as a live discussion.
    • If the live discussion is captured on video and posted on YouTube, it becomes available as a link.
    • We can expect that any answer to a query will be of interest to multiple people over a substantial period of time.  
    • Thus to be really useful, an answer needs to be available on a link.
    • I hope that answers in live discussions are captured on videos of 10 mins. or less and posted to YouTube.
    • Such videos can be included in playlists of interested groups.   
    • After queries have been answered they would remain in the database to answer other people.
    • Thus the collection of answers available on links becomes a persistent knowledge store.

    Spreading the answers

    • If an adequate answer can be provided in web links, an expert might simply give them in a notecard to the nearest CVL liaison.
    • If CVL concluded that the links were useful, It would enter the links in the Answer links column of the FWS and put the date in the Update column.
    • The search capabilities of the FWS could find this and similar queries ordered by update date.
    • Any group could seek a presentation and include it in one of their scheduled meetings.
    • Again, I suggest a 10 min. presentation is better than longer for answering a question.
    • The notice of answer plan would go to a CVL liaison for entry into the answer meeting column of the FWS.  
    • Possibly the FWS would send a notice to the query originator whenever the item was pdaed. 

    Distributed meeting

    • Since we are online, we don't just have a single meeting in a single location.
    • We are in all time zones, so we need to meet at different times.
    • We use various virtual world platforms, so even synchronous meetings can't get everybody together.
    • The FWS spreadsheet offers a way to manage a distributed asynchronous meeting.
    • For synchronous distributed meetings, we might use Discord, which supports both voice and text communication.
    • Other grid-independent communication systems are in development.

    The PLC: Professional Learning Community


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