Tuesday, June 4, 2019

2019 #VWEDU: MALET Virtual Showcase: The Space Project: STEM work with legos and coding in elementary school. By: Stacie Stewart

MALET Virtual Showcase: The Space Project:  
STEM work with legos and coding in elementary school:   
By: Stacie Stewart  

The Space Project was created to develop a cross curricular unit in a NYC public school that would integrate computer science and STEM with core subject areas.  This project was created and tested with a 3rd grade class and several gifted 2nd grade students.


Expansion (cross curricular)

  • Stories, read aloud, brought literacy,
  • Students wrote fiction about life on Mars
  • Makerspace materials and projects brought STEM,
  • Legos, Green Screen, and Scratch brought computer science.

 The classes

  • During each class, a challenge was presented to the students.  
  • The challenge was open ended but they had a limited amount of resources.  
  • They could use all the materials or just some – but no extra.
  • The lessons were completed in class with the occasional direction of “color at home, re-write neatly at home”.  
  • Since this unit is being developed as it is being taught it does have some bugs to work out – mostly with timing.
  • Due to days off from school and state testing we have fallen slightly behind and the work is “under construction” but will be updated.  



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