Saturday, June 8, 2019

2019 #VWEDU: PEOPLE: The great race, Coopersville: Hot air balloons and the Wright Flyer

The great race, Coopersville:
Hot air balloons 
and the Wright Flyer

Coopersville is a MUVE (virtual world) model of a US town of the early 20th Century.  It has houses of that era (houses of the Victorian and Edwardian times), offers clothing of that period, has transportation of that period (streetcars, early Fords, and horses), plays music of that time (especially ragtime), and has the early flying things (Wright Flyer, hot air balloons).  Just right for a site visit by a class studying that part of history.

Go there

  • Hypergrid address: 
  • Put the HG address in the Find bar of the world map, click Find, TP
  • In Kitely put the Firestorm Hop in the address bar of Firestorm, press return:
  • hop://

Google research 


Learning projects for a historical MUVE place

  • These projects are designed to be useful for any historical MUVE place.
  • Find the anachronisms in the scene
  • Cite references to show that they are anachronisms.
  • -
  • Cite a few items that could have been included in the scene, but were not.
  • Cite references about the items and point out why they would fit.
  • -
  • (Writing) Write a short story set in that era and place.

Challenge-based learning


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