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2019 #VWEDU: Localized Learning Communities in Virtual Worlds--Thanks to Beth Ghostraven

Localized  Learning Communities  
in Virtual Worlds--
Thanks to Beth Ghostraven

Localized:  In gridspeak that means limited to one grid.  In OpenSim the community would be accessible on the Hypergrid.  (Here I am ignoring isolated communities on private grids.)  These communities may want to connect with some of the web-based communities to develop a longer reach. 

  • The calendar above carries events of multiple educator groups in virtual worlds.
  • If your educational events are not there, why not put them there?


Inworld locations

  • You can reach these locations if you are in the right virtual world
  • If the URI is given you can use it to join the group
  • Put the URI into the chat bar and press return for the group profile.
  • The profile will usually invite you to join,

Second Life

  • Places in Second Life can be reached (inworld) by a SLurl
  • Paste the SLurl in the address (top) bar of the viewer, press return
  • Chilbo Educaton Village – Second Life
  • Contact: Maggie Larimore
  • SLURL:
  • -
  • Expedition Central
  • Contact: Josain Zsun or Maggie Larimore
  • Expedition Central at Chilbo
  • SLURL:
  •    Group: Expedition Central
  •    Group URI: secondlife:///app/group/a6e1543f-b3ba-bc1e-2baf-5d189a928a70/about
  • The Science Circle – Second Life Group
  • Twice a month
  • Contact: Chantal (nymf.hathaway)
  • The Science Circle Landing Point
  • SLURL:
  •    Group: The Science Circle
  • Group URI: secondlife:///app/group/ac818b3f-7d34-a95b-1637-ebc0a9b1b8e4/about
  • (closed group, contact to join)
  • The Science Circle Education Portal- Gateway to Thinking – Second Life
  • SLurl:
  • VSTE (Virginia Society for Technology in Education) Virtual Environments PLN (Professional Learning Network) – Second Life Group
  • Meets: Weekly on Mondays at 5:00 pm SLT
  • Contact: Bluebarker Lowtide or Dae Miami
  • SLURL:
  •    Group: VSTE: VA Soc. for Tech in Education
  •    Group URI: secondlife:///app/group/ad9dc928-e69f-2aa6-f7fa-7361217a31fb/about


  • Places on the Hypergrid can be reached from any HG-connected grid by the HG address.
  • Paste the HG address in the Find bar of the viewer, click FindTP
  • Abyss Observatory’s Hub for STEM Education – OpenSim
  • Contact: Yan Lauria
  • HG address: 
  • Observatory
  • Educator Commons – OpenSim
  • Contact: Kay McLennan
  • HG address:
  • Plaza
  • More info

Inworld groups

  • For inworld groups you can find them with the URI.
  • Put the URI into the chat bar and press return for the group profile.
  • The profile will usually invite you to join,.

Second Life 

  • SL Researchers – Second Life Group
  • Contact: Sheila Yoshikawa
  • Group URI: secondlife:///app/group/e29bd922-4a6d-aacd-2308-aa5a845da018/about-

  • Librarians of Second Life – Second Life
  • Contact: Valibrarian Gregg
  •    Group URI: secondlife:///app/group/b0991cdc-79b3-a8ca-b2a9-a9a738d5f999/about
  • Real Life Education in Second Life – Second Life Group
  • Contact: Pathfinder Lester
  •    Group URI: secondlife:///app/group/5eab5893-dfa6-905b-4386-011077994d3d/about

    Open Sim

    • Educator Commons – OpenSim
    • Contact: Kay McLennan
    • HG address:
    • Plaza
    • More info
    • Kitely Educators Group – Kitely
    •    Group URI: secondlife:///app/group/7bbf0d1f-687a-44af-8edb-f71383552075/about

    So what else can we do about it?

    • Increase intercommunication so as to share what we find out.
    • Increase outward communication to share virtual worlds more widely.
    • We want to get the word out to the whole education community.
    • Use the hashtag #VWEDU to make reposts easier to find.
    • Or use the hashtag #VWBPE  to connect with VWBPE


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    • Selby Evans in Kitely and hypergrid, Thinkerer Melville in Second Life

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