Sunday, November 28, 2021

2021 WW: Get your home in the metaverse. Don't just go there, build there. Get free (sometimes) land where you can build what you want.

Get your place in the metaverse.  
Don't just go there, build there.  
Get free (sometimes) land 
where you can build what you want.  
Make the metaverse home by getting your own place there.


Building in the metaverse



Learn to build
Content creation: Build, script, texture, color, classes, video, particles, collaboration, tools

Breadwinner thinking. Project-based learning. Growth-oriented learning. Goal-directed learning. The future of work is online.


Save space with a Holodeck
In user-built virtual worlds: we can play, work, create, collaborate, and share with other people
Teachers don't need to learn how to build in virtual worlds to teach there
You don't have to build to create scenes in OpenSimulator. RezMela can do most of the building for you
Virtual storyboarding for the graphically challenged. Picture it in 3d.
The Landtiles App from RezMela. This App can be used to create a wide diversity of landscapes. Interests: landscaping, biology, ecology, conservation



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Easy access meetings in the metaverse

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