Tuesday, June 14, 2011

2013 HELP: The Ivory Tower of Prims

The Ivory Tower of Prims
If you want to get a good understanding of prims, this is where to go
The illustrated control windows are from the Viewer 1.x series.  If you are using the newer 2.x series, the menus and control windows will look a bit different.  For screen shots from Viewer 2.x, see this webpage  
Building 101 Start learning how to build
Start with creating a cube
Coloring, positioning
Slicing, coloring sides, linking
Web Link
Full Build Window
You can get this full build window in Viewer 2  from
Build (top menu)/build.  
If you do a lot of building, the short-cut is Ctrl+b.

Full Build Window
Note: you can do lots of prim modding.   The way these mods work will be different for different prim shapes, so you may want to pay attention to prim shapes if you expect to slice, hollow, twist or taper.

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