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2015 EDU: BioTown, an active Biology curriculum build

 BioTown, an active Biology curriculum build
A working learning area in OpenSim. BioTown is an active Biology curriculum build. It is a virtual learning management system, with the content for the class spread out spatially, and information housed in in-world items that the students interact with at their own pace. It features informal assessment areas, a formal assessment area and a project display area. The entire Biology curriculum fits within a single learning region. (High School)
Arrival point
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News and Notes

SciFi Film Festival

  • Deadline for Regular submissions Midnight – 1 August 2015
  • Deadline for Late Submissions Midnight – 29 August 2015

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    • Learning to do things in the virtual world
    Students will want distinctive appearances
    Students can learn in small groups
    • Students can work from home but study with classmates.
    • Students can help each other with the guide questions.
    • Students can quiz each other on the guide questions.
    • Intro Bio is a lot like language learning.  Talking to others helps.

     Guiding Questions (for unit 0)

    •  1. What is the metric system? What is it used for?
    •  2. What are the 3 main units of measurement in the metric system and what do they measure?
    •  3. What are the prefixes used in the metric system and what do they stand for?
    •  4. Be able to convert a metric measurement into different units?
    •  5. What are the 7 traits that define a living thing? Describe each??
    •  6. How are living things organized from the simplest unit of life to all living things on earth? Describe each and sketch.
    • 7. Sketch a microscope labeling its major parts.
    • 8. Sketch what an "e" would look like under a microscope,
    • 9. Be able to determine the total magnification of a microscope?
    • 10. What are the steps of the scientific method?
    • 11. What are the 3 variables used for an experiment?
    • 12. How are a hypothesis, theory, and law different?
    • If you give a group of students questions to answer, you create an informal quiz.

    • Separate units are in separate buildings.
    Microscope instruction
    • This is instruction in names.
    • You could also give instruction in how to use.
    Units are down the walk
    • These quizzes may be used to evaluate performance,
    • and/or to determine when a student is ready to progress.

    Video by the author describing BioTown

    • Skip the first 3 minutes

    After some final testing, an OAR of BioTown will be made available.  Information will probably available at VIBE: Virtual Islands for Better Education

    News and Notes


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        1. Such solution really appeals to me :) Great way to turn sometimes boring learning into experiencing the knowledge. Definitely it's a better way to engage learners and to learn more effectively.