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2021 BIZ: The Landtiles App from RezMela. This App can be used to create a wide diversity of landscapes. Interests: landscaping, biology, ecology, conservation

The Landtiles App from RezMela.  
This App can be used to create a wide diversity of landscapes.  
Interests:  landscaping, biology, ecology, conservation

You don't have to be a builder to build a place to suit your objectives.  Landtiles can do most of the building for you.

  • Watch on YouTube
  • 3D river scene created by a Landtiles App user.
  • This 3D scene was created in half an hour. 
  • You do not need to be a developer to create scenes. 
  • The scenes you create can be shared to others.
  • Landtiles in Kitely Market.

The Landtiles app

Landtiles is a RezMela App that gives you the ability to quickly create and manage large landscapes, including ground sections, hills, trees and shrubs, rocks, grasses - everything you need to provide a natural environment in your region.

Everything is controlled through a simple HUD, and objects can be placed just by clicking. Components fit together easily and neatly, positioned automatically and precisely.

Land tiles are square and hexagonal sections of land that fit together precisely with a click to build up the base for your scene.

Also included is a Theme Changer, which gives you the power to dramatically change the appearance of your scene with a couple of clicks, from green to autumnal to wintry to desert and others.

You can store your scenes by name to be quickly recalled when needed, so you can have unlimited different environments for your region and add, change elements as needed. Everything is controlled by the easy-to-use HUD, which can move, rotate, resize, remove objects simply by clicking buttons.

You can view the User Guide here:

Several pre-made scenes are included to get you started even quicker.


  • The App will only work on land that you own or have Estate Manager rights to. 
  • You have to place in on the land.  
  • You can set so anyone can use it, however.

Some videos that show the Landtiles App in action:


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