Tuesday, January 31, 2017

2017 EDU: TKR: Working together apart: Collaboration and teamwork in virtual worlds

Working together apart: 
Collaboration and teamwork in virtual worlds
We can collaborate and work in teams in virtual worlds.  Here I have collected some articles about teamwork, group functioning, and the special aspects of collaboration in virtual worlds.
We are used to working with other people in the world of work (after we get out of school).    In the past that meant getting people together in a room.  In the virtual world, we can get together in a virtual room.  That kind of collaboration is cheaper, faster, better, if we know how to do it.  But we never got Collaboration 101 in college.  It wasn't offered, although a few places, used  like engineering and business, and computer science taught it as part of the standard practice in their fields.
Virtual worlds are naturally suited to collaboration and practice in collaboration skills. Here are some articles about how to develop and use these skills.  

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French Lai Poetry Workshop-Tue, 1/31, 7pm SLT

This week the Short Poetry Workshop presents the French Lai, which is a 13th century French poetry form. It has 9 lines and two rhyme schemes and deals with tales of adventure and romance.

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