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2017\8 IMA: PROMO: In user-built virtual worlds: we can play, work, create, collaborate, and share with other people

User-built virtual worlds: where we can play, work, create, collaborate, and share with other people

User-built virtual worlds are a form of virtual reality with standard user controls developed in Second Life and extended to OpenSimulator. The standard user controls let users move from one virtual world to another without having to learn new control methods. Users build worlds to suit their purposes: Education, art, entertainment, storytelling, games, sailing, racing, model railroading. 


  • We get or make avatars to represent us in the virtual worlds.
  • We can build things to make our virtual world look the way we want.
  • We can write scripts to make our things do what we want them to do.
  • Or we can buy things already built and scripted and put them in our places.
  • It is much like furnishing a home.  And we can have virtual homes if we want.
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They are not like a game

  • Games set arbitrary goals for you.
  • In virtual worlds, no one sets your goals for you.  
  • You set your own goals.  Just like everyone does when they grow up.
  • But you can build or buy games if you want.  

How we use these virtual worlds

  • Meet and see people and places around the world.
  • Talk to people from anywhere to anywhere.
  • Enjoy hobbies
  • Attend and present musical performances
  • Attend and present theatrical performances
  • Build model railroads without filling the spare room.
  • Build dioramas as in a museum, but people can walk around in them.
  • Offer and attend classes and study sessions
  • Learn another language by talking to native speakers in their favorite environment
  • Produce, display, sell art art.
  • Produce and promote video.
  • Operate and promote your nonprofit organization. Nonprofit Commons
  • And so forth--you set your own goals.

We use it as social media

  • We send our avatars to meet with others.
  • We talk to each other in meetings.  
  • Yeah, we talk aloud and listen to each other.
  • We also send typed messages.  Public or private.
  • We can use those private messages for snide remarks about the meeting.
  • We also use Google Communities to communicate when we are not inworld.

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