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2013 HELP: Create: Make a poster

Make a poster
 Building 101 Start learning how to build
Making a poster is a simple task that lots of people want to do. And if you don't want to make a poster, don't worry.  If you know how to make a poster, you know how to make lots of other things.
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Make a poster
  • make a cube (Land right-click window)
  • size it to suit (Object window)
  • fix it so people don't run into it (Object window).
  • put a texture on it ( Texture window)
  • make it full perm (Build window)
  • rez it and position it. (Object window)
Following are step-by step instructions on doing this.  Follow the instructions if you want to.  Or ignore the instructions and start on your own.  You can always come back to the instructions if you want to.
Make a cube
Right click on the parcel land to open the Land Right-click Window
Click on Build to create an object.  Cursor becomes your magic wand.  Click on the ground and you create a plywood box .5 meters on a side.
  • Size it to suit 
  • Fix it so people don't run into it 
  • Rez and position it (later).
Build window
Object tab
Put a texture on it 
For  a poster, you would normally:
Build window
Texture tab
To change the texture, you will be asked to find the new texture in your inventory.  You will probably want to know the name before you start.   The texture will go on all sides, but will not be noticed on narrow sides.  You probably don't have a texture ready now, so just pick any texture in your inventory. (Textures usually filed in your texture folder.
You can also put a texture onto a side of a prim by dragging it, just as you rez objects by dragging them onto a surface.  That method lets you put different textures on different sides,
You can also use scripts to put textures on a selected side.
To set color, you will get a color manipulation window.
Transparent:  Make the object partially/mostly  transparent. There are textures available that will make a side completely transparent.  You may find one if you search your inventory for transparent.
Glow: try it to see the effect
Full bright: Bright as day, even at night.  Good for posters.
Repeats/face: cover large surface without enlarging the texture
Build window
General tab
Full perm = Anyone can Copy   Next owner can Modify, Copy, Transfer
Check all of these.
Your won't learn to build by reading.  You start to learn building by doing things.  Preferably things you are curious about or want to do.
  • creating objects,
  • editing objects
  • playing around with objects,
  • moving objects,
  • reshaping objects,
  • linking and unlinking objects,
  • texturing objects,
  • coloring objects,
  • putting scripts into objects,
  • modifying scripts to do what you want in an object.

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