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2015 HELP: OPENSIM: Hobo Reserved Sandbox on Kitely. For the Hobo Sandboxers

Hobo Reserved Sandbox on Kitely.  
For the Hobo Sandboxers
Revised 3/6/2015
Reserved to keep out griefers.  No cost, no time charges.   Just join the Hobo Sandboxers group.  Contact Selby Evans or Ada Radius for an invitation.
Hobo Reserved Sandbox
Reserved sandbox?  Yes, reserved for people in the Hobo Sandboxers group.  This control of access is intended to limit griefing and to let you use Kitely at no cost to you. 
  • Location: Copy the line below into the address bar of Firestorm, press enter.
  • hop://osgrid.kitely.com:8002/Cookie II/141/366/25
  • Hypergrid address:
  • grid.kitely.com:8002:Cookie II
  • Cookie II appears on Kitely

Basic conditions

  • No cost, no time charges.  
  • A Kitely regular account is free if you don't use your free world.
  • You can use the Hobo Sandbox instead.
  • Just click the Create New Account button and specify the regular account.
  • Ignore the details about getting land.  You don't need land to build things.
  • You can use the Hobo Sandbox instead.
  • No prim limits, no script limits (for now).
  • No autoreturn.  
  • Untended builds may be returned at any time.
  • Parcel clean-up may be done on 10 min. notice if lots of stuff is around. 
  • Anyone who has not been banned can enter the area
  • Only people in the group have power to rez, and build.
  • Managers can invite, eject, manage ban lists, set music stream, return objects. 

Why would you want to use the Sandbox?

  • Avoid time costs (20 cents an hour) on your private island. 
  • Show your work to others.
  • Collaborate with other builders.
  • Meet other builders, get help, give help.
  • Use Kitely at no cost to you.  
You can get into the Hobo Sandboxers group if:
  • You are in the Hobo Junction group in SL.
  • I (Thinkerer Melville)  know you in SL.
  • A manager in the Hobo Sandboxers group in Kitely invites you

To get invited into the Hobo Sandboxers group

  • From SL:
  • Send me (Thinkerer Melville) a notecard in SL.  
  • Give your SL name and your Kitely or Hypergrid name. 
  • Send me a friend link in Kitely and an IM asking to join.
  • From Kitely
  • Send friend and invite request to me (Selby Evans). 
  • You can send these requests if you are on the Hypergrid.
  • But you must come to Kitely to send these requests.
  • Or to a Hobo Sandbox manager.
  • (Hobo Sandbox managers to be announced later.)
  • If you are not known in the Kitely community, we may ask you to wait.

Rules important for staying in the group 

  • The region is rated moderate.  
  • Don't build or show things that are only allowed in adult places.
  • Don't ask me or the managers if something is OK in a moderate parcel.
  • If you have to ask, it is probably not OK.
  • Don't do things that interfere with what other people are doing.
  • Save your work frequently.  
  • Don't leave your stuff unattended.  
  • Stuff that is unattended may get returned at any time.
  • If the parcel has lots of unattended stuff, 
  • It may get cleared of everything on a 10 minutes notice.


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