Wednesday, June 3, 2015

2015 ART: PEOPLE: Burning Sim--A celebration of Builders, Music, and Community!

Burning Sim: A celebration 
of Builders, Music, and Community!
"Burning Sim has 5 awesome builds from creators that just let go of inhibitions filling empty land with their imaginations."
Burning Sim
  • Five builds by 5 teams 
  • One team wins the sim for 30 days, to make their build in full size.
  • Your votes decide the winner.
  • Lenni Foxtrot is donating the sim.
  • Voting ends June 7


You get a parcel to build your demo.  Other teams build their demos.  After a month, the public votes on the demos. Winner gets the entire sim for a month to show the full build.  (I don't know how long the build stays up.)
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News and Notes

    • Hypergate WIP Show  Next show: June 5, noon PacificTime
    • Roxy Roller: Next Show: Tues 6/2, 11 am Pacific time
    • II
    • 11 am Matthew Broyles; Noon, Joe Rizzo

    Caution: Aliens on Sim
    • The official position is that this is stuff made up.
    • What you see is created by artists of the 21st century
    • Virtual worlds have not achieved Time Warp.
    • No matter what anybody says.
    Ezekiel saw the wheels
    I have to be careful

    Listen to Live Music  Daily from some of SL's greatest Musicians!


    • Monday 1st ~ 3-4pm  DJ Mesostopheles Gascoigne
    • Tuesday 2nd ~6 pm -- The vinnie show! 
    • Wednesday 3rd ~ 3-4pm - Bat Masters 
    • Thursday 4th ~ 3-4pm -Hippie Bowman
    • Friday 5th ~ 3-4pm Deceptions Digital 
    • With special ~ particle show By Sky Fire!
    • Saturday 6th ~ 3pm Gweeb
    •                        4pm Whirligig Rutabaga   
    • Sunday June 7th   
    • 2PM Hippie Bowman
    • 3pm Winston Ackland
    • 4pm The Vinnie Show!
    Vote here!


    News and Notes



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        2. These great builders spent a month alone on Burning Sim to create the awesome things they did. We are so happy to have all of the public enter and take a look around. Great live music each night this week, and a great community to meet!