Wednesday, November 10, 2021

2021 VW: ART: The Natascha Randt Memorial. Sometimes the metaverse is painfully real. Avatars are immortal but the people behind them are not.

The Natascha Randt Memorial.  
Sometimes the metaverse is painfully real.   
Avatars are immortal but the people behind them are not.
Ever since my creative partner, Natascha Randt, passed away on September 3rd of this year. I have been working on building her a memorial on Kitely - Virtual Worlds--Karima-Hoisan
With the help of my fabulous scripting partner, Dale Innis, and also Joey Schaffer (Joey Writer) a close friend and collaborator of Nat's who has also contributed with a special section, we can now say it's done.

The world is a guided tour, that once again, relies heavily on being able to see parcel media and enjoy short clips.

Who was Natasha Randt? -- after the break 


Who was Natascha Randt?

  • Natascha was my film partner and best friend in the virtual world for 10 years.
  • Randt & Hoisan made 29 videos together. She lived in Germany and we never met in Real Life..
  • She passed away on September 3.2021 waiting for a heart transplant, She was 40 years old.
  • Rest in Peace Natascha.
  • Brilliant, funny, daring, innovative and an impassioned virtual pilot,
  • and a gifted and very skilled machinimatographer,
  • she broke barriers in whatever she put her mind to.
  • I try to capture the many facets of her in this world,
  • through her own excellent photographs, movies (
  • both her own and in collaboration with me) and blog posts.

  • You can explore her blog in German (has a Translator)
  • here >

  • Nat's extensive Youtube Channel can be found here:

  • Joey Writer from Germany, has also made a tribute section for Natascha.
  • In Joey's section you will find a selection of pictures and two machinimas from various projects she and Nat did together over the years. 
  • As well as some shots taken just for fun to give you a glimpse of Nat's easy-going, fun-loving side.



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