Friday, September 21, 2012

2015 HELP: Content creation: Build, script, texture, color, classes, video, particles, collaboration, tools

Content creation: 
Build, script, texture, animate, color, video, classes
particles, collaboration, tools  
Updated 5/26/2016
  • Build
  • Display
  • Script
  • Animations
  • Texture 
  • Color, 
  • Particles
  • Video
  • Classes
  • Collaboration
  • Tools


Make Clothing

Tools and resources   
Exchanging Lindens for currency
If you earn Lindens   you may want to exchange Lindens  for the currency you use in the real world



Video-Machinima in virtual worlds


  1. am laughing because of several reasons. i have been following you on several 'interests' topics, i see you pop up here and there (and am always pleased to read your comments) and i'm afraid i see a little of me in YOU! Scary huh?....LOL. i am writing because i am sure we are destined to meet up sooner or i thought "why not sooner" You 'may' have seen some of my Blender items on a G+ community "Opensim Everything" (a small tight group of Linda Kellie groupies....) I also am a serious oil painting RL hobbyist and show my work in DigiWorldz (Siren's grotto art mall and Digiworldz Freebie mall). any interest is currently in the area of 'education' and where VWs can fit this topic with innovative offerings. Well....look forward to some dialogue with you when you CAN find the time...hahahaha

    1. Glad to meet you. I guess you have found my coverage of Education in Virtual Worlds. I am in Kitely under my real name (Selby Evans). I do have contacts with several educators and educational groups in virtual worlds. As yet there is no regular meeting of educators in Hypergrid as there is in SL, but perhaps it is time to start one.

      I hope you do see a little of you in me-- As an educator, I have always been teaching people how to think, write, and do things as I do. And as an unconventionalist, I am always glad to see more unconventionals. (OK, not so many that it becomes conventional.)