Thursday, November 18, 2021

2021 Hypergrid business: EchoVoice offers a long-term, low-cost operating solution for voice on OpenSim and other metaverse places.

EchoVoice offers a long-term, low-cost operating solution 
for voice on OpenSim.
Project to provide opensource voice support for OpenSimulator and other metaverse places

  • Grids or organizations can self-host their Echovoice servers or connect to a hosting service.
  • Organizations that have security requirements will want to self-host.
  • The EchoVoice client bridge is designed to work with all of the supported viewers without any development effort by viewer development teams.
  • The current EchoVoice bridge design concept should allow users to seamlessly detect and switch to Vivox if they land in a region running Vivox V3/V4/ or the newer V5.
  • GoFundMe campaign.


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