Saturday, June 29, 2013

2013 Xirana Oximoxi. Easy Rock Artist-in-Residence Program

Xirana Oximoxi.  Easy Rock Artist-in Residence Program
Orion and Lisa Deezul, owners and creators of Easy Rock Mall and the innovative brands Easy Rock Music and Swerve Scooters  announce a special gallery reception in their private home featuring Easy Rock’s newest Artist-in-Residence, Xirana Oximoxi.  Orion and Lisa will be opening their home to feature Xirana’s work this Sunday, June 30th at 11:00 a.m. SLT.
Xirana is a Catalan artist currently living in Barcelona, Spain.  Xirana enjoys working in all different media to discover all possibilities and different ways of achieving artistic effects.  For this special event, Xirana will be featuring her paintings as well as several sculpture exhibits.  Xirana is an accomplished landscape painter, with her landscapes uniting an authoritative draftsmanship and a strong sense of form with richly pigmented surfaces and impressionist color truth.  This is what initially drew Orion and Lisa to Xirana’s work.  “The vivid colors and rich scenes have such an effect on me, every time I see them.  We knew instantly that Xirana’s paintings needed to be in our home”, said Lisa Deezul.  
Orion and Lisa founded the Easy Rock Artist-in-Residence Program  in order to help artists gain more attention for their work in Second Life.  The Easy Rock Artist-in-Residence program solicits original artists in Second Life to apply for gallery space in Easy Rock.  Once selected, artists are provided with their own gallery space free of charge that they can use and design as they wish to exhibit their work.  The artists may also offer their work for sale and 100% of the proceeds go directly to the artist.
This is also the first time that Orion and Lisa have opened their home to the public.  Orion designed and built their custom home and it serves as a beautiful space to house their love of art and creative expressionism.  There will also be a preview of another Easy Rock Artist-in-Residence, Nature Photographer, Ricardo Avalira, who will have selected  photos on display at the event.  
If you are an artist or know of an artist that would like to apply to be an Easy Rock Artist-in-Residence, then simply contact Orion Deezul or Lisa Deezul in Second Life or send an email to   

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