Thursday, June 20, 2013

2013 STECH: Over 65? Enjoying online social interactions? Want to tell about it? OLD

Over 65? Enjoying online social interactions?  
Want to tell about it?
Interactions via
  • email 
  • Skype  
  • Flickr
  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Second Life or other 3D envorinments
  • YouTube
Here is a request for your inputs based on your experience.  
Invited article
by Dr Shailey Minocha, The Open University, UK

About the project
We are investigating the role of online social interactions in supporting people aged 65 or over to sustain or even improve quality of life and well-being by avoiding or overcoming social isolation through social connectedness, supportive relationships and companionship. These online social interactions could be via email or Skype or participating in online communities such as on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Second Life and YouTube. 
Through our findings, we hope to raise awareness among policy makers about the possible significance of widening access to the internet among older people and that going online must be made relevant and manageable within, and complementary to, the existing patterns of behaviour of older people.
Project website:
About your participation:
If you are aged over 65, it will be very helpful to have a conversation with you within Second Life (either in text chat or voice as per your preference). Our meeting should not take more than 30-35 minutes. When we meet, we could discuss about the advantages you perceive, any risks or obstacles that face, and any disadvantages of participating in online social interactions, and, particularly, in Second Life or 3D virtual environments, in general.
About the researcher:


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