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2017 PEOPLE: STAGE: Jane, Plain Jane: Part 4: Can't

Jane, Plain Jane:  Part 4, Can't
The writers group at Nara's Nook has started a learning and production project using the guide book "The 90-day novel," by Alan Watt.  To contribute to the project without spending the time on a novel, I am writing a short story or small play using some of the guidance from the book.  
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    Jane, Plain Jane:  Part 4, Can't

    Hermione is trying to get me to take a part in the play she is directing at the community theater.  Can you believe that?  Me, Plain Jane.  The extra lump on the couch.  But she says it is hard to find someone to put on costume for a bit part like this.  And that bit is critical to the play, so she has to find someone she can depend on. 

    I told her I can't do it.  Oh, I'm not too busy.  It is in the evening, and Plain Jane has plenty of time in the evenings.  And it is an older lady.  But all I need for that is a grey wig and a little makeup.  

    But I'm  not an actor, I haven't had any stage training.  I don't even know how to walk on stage.  

    "You don't have to walk.  You just sit there and look like you are eating.  Nobody will pay any attention to you till the waiter comes up and gives you your cue."  Hermione always thinks things through with all the details.  I guess that's something you learn to do in acting and directing.  

    "But I don't know how to put the right emotion in it," I objected.  

    Hermione was very patient about it.  "There's no emoting involved, you are just ordering a meal.  Do it just like you always order a meal, only louder.  You have had singing lessons, haven't you?"

    "Yes, but what has that got to do with it?"   

    "You already know how to project your voice.  On stage, it's just like singing, except you don't have to do it on key."   

    Oh God!  I was running out of excuses.  I couldn't tell her I am scared to do it.  So I told her I would think it over.  And to get out of the conversation, I had to promise I would practice my line and give it to her whenever she gives me my cue.

    My cue is, the waiter comes up to me and says, "Is madame ready to order?"

    And I say, "I'll have what she's having."

    That looks easy.  And it is easy for normal people.  Not for Plain Jane.  I feel safe being the extra lump on the couch.   Oh, damn!  I thought I resented being the lump on the couch and now I know I can't be anything else.  And I will have the explain why I can't do that part in the play.  And I can't explain it to her either.   I can't do anything.  I am trapped.
    This (the multi-part series including this part) could be a short story or a one-act play for one or three actors.  I relinquish all claims to the copyright and declare all work by me under the title "Jane, Plain Jane" to be in the public domain.   

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