Saturday, April 11, 2020

2020 Explore: WRITE: Greenfield: Saloon, free houses, maze, ships, dance floor, petting zoo, adult. Suitable for writing prompts and RP

Greenfield: Saloon, free houses, maze, 
ships, dance floor, petting zoo, adult. art 
Suitable for writing prompts and RP

Greenfield, a Kitely region with the amenities above (and below).

Greenfield self-description

  • |We finished landscaping, so Greenfield is all yours if you want.
  • Its a joy to explore our land or sit on relaxing spots and watch the birds.
  • Visit the museum of art, try the maze or ride our bull. 
  • There are stores (some with interesting freeware), 
  • you can even start your own store, its free.
  • And if you are looking for a free home to live in, its all there.
  • Live near the large pond where you can enjoy the unique reflections.
  • There is a nude beach, a dark palace (omg) and many many more.

Go there


  • TP on click
  • hop:// 2/162/203/23
  • hop:// 2/286/70/2001

House for rent
  • It may be available free
  • hop:// 2/74/323/2001

A dance floor

The art gallery
  • hop:// 2/850/391/38
Sailing ship
  • hop:// 2/502/812/23
Circling steampunk

Map of the ground area
  • Some of the places are on platforms above
  • hop:// 2/396/124/22

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