Friday, December 28, 2018

2018 WRITE: STAGE: Someday...we should rework the calendar

Someday...we should rework the calendar.   

Have you noticed how many extra days the calendar has?  I don't mean the days with simple, boring numbers.  I mean days with special names like New Year's Day or Ground Hog's Day, or Yesterday.  Yesterday was celebrated by the Beetles.  You can't get more official than that.  


The really great thing about Yesterdays is that we get lots of them.  The bad thing is they were never long enough for us to do what we needed to do.  We also get lots of Tomorrows. Tomorrow is very popular with Little Orphan Annie.   

Tomorrow is just the opposite of Yesterday.  Plenty of time available in any Tomorrow.  We can put off anything till Tomorrow.  Tomorrow has an unlimited amount of time--until it becomes Yesterday. 

And then there's Someday.  I've been thinking I should write an article about how much we need Someday.  And I told myself I would write it Someday.  So you are probably thinking today must be Someday.  But don't bother about all those things you were going to on Someday.  I actually finished the article a while back.   And saved it to post Someday.   So I got two Somedays this year.

Just think what it would be like if we made Someday a national holiday and put it right there on the calendar.  It would be just like Groundhog Day.  It would be celebrated on national television (what's left of it).  We wouldn't have old men in top hats, of course.  Instead, we would have average people showing the accomplishment they had been putting off until Someday. 

Oh yes, maybe there would be a few old men who had been planning to go on television wearing top hats--Someday.  But think of all the things that would get done.  All the projects that would get done!  All the old friends that would hear from somebody they thought had already died!   All the politicians that would actually carry out some campaign promises!

Oh, brethren, there's a great day coming--someday!

But wait a minute.  Someday is a national holiday.  You can't expect people to work on a national holiday.   That would be unpatriotic.   Maybe even communist.   What you are supposed to do on a national holiday is relax, have some beers, and watch the game.  No time to get anything done.  Those things you were going to get done someday will just have to wait.  They'll get done--Someday.  

Well, that plan didn't work out.  I'll have to think of another one--someday.


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