Monday, June 10, 2013

2013 WRITE: BLOG: Promote your evergreen content.

 BLOG:  Promote your evergreen content.
  • Evergreen=content of lasting interest
  • Continues to draw people to you blog
  • If they can find it.
  • Here are ways to help people find it
Header menu 
You see a header menu at the top of this blog page.  The same menu appears at the top of every page in this blog.  These menu items name topics I report about a lot.  The menu buttons lead to summary pages that carry a breakdown of subtopics and links to specific articles about those subtopics.
Blogger (the host of this blog) makes it easy to set up this kind of menu.  I just posted the summary pages as normal, then used the page option to treat the blog posts as pages to go into the top menu.
This blog carries a search bar in the right-hand column (scroll down).  Blogger offers a convenient gadget for that.  Other blog hosts probably have similar features
Keywords (traditional style)
You can generally put key words on a web page.  These can help you in finding things.  I don't use them because I don't think they are of much use to readers. 
Keywords in the title
I put specially formatted keywords in titles.  You can see the keyword for this article in the title above:  WRITE:     
The special format is all caps with a colon at the end.  You can search this blog for that keyword in that format and get only the articles marked that way.   A list of the keywords I am using is given here: 
Themes on this blog and how to find the relevant articles
Searchable terms
Try to use common terms that people are likely to search for.  Use technical terms if the article is for a technical audience.  Use generally familiar terms if the article is for a general audience.  
Put important words in the title or early in the article.  Readers (and probably search engines) are more likely to find them there.

Summary articles
When I have enough content on a topic to support a summary, I write one.  As I get more items on that topic, I update it.  That way I can link to the summary in my table of contents and elsewhere.  The link stays the same as the content grows.  
Use social media buttons.  
Social media buttons are those clickable buttons you see on blog posts (look near the bottom of this page).  People can click those buttons and put a link to your post on their social media streams (Facebook, Google+,  Twitter, etc.).  Since evergreen content retains it interest over time, it may be especially effective in those links.
On blogger, you install these buttons with a gadget.  Other blog hosts may have different methods. 

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  • Google search this blog, column on right
  • or put at the end of the search terms
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