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2019 #VWEDU: #DTA: Digital Teaching Assistant (DTA) can run the search game: solo, teacher's game, or team game

Digital Teaching Assistant (DTA) 
can run the search game: 
solo, teacher's game, or team game

Gamification suggestions to stimulate practice in search. The game is designed so that DTA can administer it, with the teacher later reviewing the results.    This article is explicitly licensed Public Domain (CC0).
The Empty Classroom
Off searching the internet

The search games

  • Teacher will decide how to use the scores in grading. 
  • Any student who can do a rapid and successful search is already a winner.

Solo game--self scored

  • You have a search task.
  • You bet with yourself that you can get what you need in M minutes.
  • M is your pick, probably an estimate from your recent experience.
  • If you win, you take satisfaction in meeting your personal best.
  • If you lose, you can complain about your bad luck.
  • Or review the search tips to see if you could have done anything better.

Teacher's game

  • Your teacher gives you a search task.
  • You have a choice: Is this task a challenge practice? 
  • If you pick challenge, a timer starts.  
  • The answer can be a number, a selection from a set of possible answers, or web links.
  • If the answer consists of web links, the teacher will have a set of good links prepared.
  • You may have to deliver, say, three from the set of good* links and no others. 
  • If your answer is wrong, you keep searching.  But that timer still runs.
  • When you get the right answer, you see how your time compares with others.
  • The others may be at your educational level or ahead, depending on your time.
  • *An appeal route will be needed in case you believe a link you gave should be counted as good.

Team game

  • Your teacher forms teams.  Each team is given a few practice searches.
  • All searches and scoring follow the same pattern as in Teacher's game.
  • After a little practice, the team gets a challenge search.
  • When the team gives a correct answer, their time is compared with other teams.

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