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2019 #VWEDU #DTA: Ingrid (within a grid) Travel tips for OpenSimulator . A DTA content page

Ingrid (within a grid) Travel tips 
for OpenSimulator. 
A DTA content page

Digital Teaching Assistant (DTA) instructions. Easy search and little text. Set up for quick answers to specific questions.      
Walkin Teleports
  • Destinations at the bottom


  • Grid geography and travel effects.
  • Somebody gives you the destination. 
  • Destination in landmark (LM)
  • Destination in Firestorm hop
  • Destination as sim name
  • Walkin Teleport
  • How to get back home
  • Nearby group of people
  • Place you can zoom to in the viewer.
  • Nearby specific person
  • Follow a tour
  • Place on the World Map
  • Go and sit
  • Can't move, want out.
  • Just walk faster.
  • Some of these travel methods depend on viewer settings:
  • Firestorm settings for beginners. A DTA content page
  • Search on page: Ctrl+f gets search bar near the top.  Enter search term.
  • The Digital Teaching Assistant (DTA) for MUVES (virtual worlds): Summary

Grid geography and travel effects

  • A grid is collection of spaces which are somewhat independent in operation.
  • These spaces are variously called sims, regions, or worlds
  • The term sim derives from the fact that each is created by its own simulator program.
  • Long distance travel in a grid is to another sim. Local travel is within a sim.
  • You will be given landmarks; they go into your Places folder
  • Each avatar arrives at a sim with a collection of data describing it.
  • Elaborate avatars bring more data and may cause arrival failure.
  • Teaching a class in a virtual world (MUVE)? Why you don't want your students to arrive on time.
  • Regions may be subdivided into parcels.
  • Walkin teleports may be at key places.

Ingrid travel methods, remote


  • When somebody gives you a landmark it goes in your Places folder.
  • Left click Places button (globe).
  • To search, put search term in top bar.
  • To travel, double click landmark
  • To rename a landmark, right click it and select Rename from the menu.

Hop (Firestorm)

  • You get a Hop in plain text from a web page, notecard, or text message.
  • Paste it in the address bar of Firestorm and press return.
  • A Hop may not work in viewers other than Firestorm.
  • Example:
  • hop:// Island/124/212/22

Sim name 

  • Press Ctrl+m to open the world map.
  • Put the sim name in the Find bar of the World Map.  Click Find, then Teleport.
  • You arrive at the sim's main landing point. Look for Walkin TPs for local travel.

Walkin Teleport

  • A walkin TP is a door-sized panel with the name of the destination on it.
  • The destination may appear in floating text or on the panel.
  • Go there by walking or flying into the panel.
  • A walkin TP can take you to another local place, another sim, or another grid.
  • You may go immediately or you may get a map and need to click teleport to go.

How to get back home

  • Click the house graphic (upper left) to get back to the place you set as home.
  • If that fails, log off and log in again.

Ingrid travel methods, local

Place on the World Map

  • Press Ctrl+m to open the World Map.
  • Double-click on a point near the cluster.

Place you can zoom to in the viewer

  • Zoom to a close-up location of the ground or floor there.
  • Double-click on the ground or floor.

Nearby group of people

  • With the World Map open, Look for a cluster of green dots.
  • Double-click on a point near the cluster

Nearby specific person

  • Click the People button (2 heads) 
  • Under the Nearby tab double-click the person's name.
  • When you see the person double-click on the ground or floor nearby. 

Follow a tour

  • Follow the tour leader as a nearby person

Go and sit

  • You need not walk to a seat if you are seeing it.
  • Hover your cursor over it.  If the cursor turns into a chair, left click the seat.
  • Otherwise, right click the seat and choose "Sit here."
  • If you really need to move closer you will get a message.  Otherwise you will sit.

Can't move, want out

  • Double-click on a clear spot nearby.

Walk faster

  • Click Ctrl+r, then press/hold up arrow 

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