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#VWEDU: #DTA: Digicoach can support collaborative homework and study sessions

Digicoach can support collaborative 
homework and study sessions 
Overview of homework assistance Digicoach could provide easily with current software technology. This article is explicitly licensed Public Domain (CC0).
The Empty Classroom
Off on a digital field trip

Homework: This is a job for Digicoach!!

  • Not all of these services would be specific to MUVEs.
  • Some require only individual work and might be done of a flat page.
  • Group work might benefit from the simulated group meeting.
  • Situated and visual learning might benefit from the simulated place and content.
  • Learning about actions might benefit from seeing  or doing the actions. 
  • Learning of concrete vocabulary terms might benefit from 3D simulations.
  • Quests might benefit from social interaction.
  • Social educational games might benefit from a simulated game show.

  • Some of the suggestions below may need secure communications (FERPA)
  • Some of these activities might benefit from concurrent teacher supervision.

What can Digicoach do?

  • Present reminders about assignments.
  • Answer questions about assignments (or pass them to the teacher).
  • (Teacher may create FAQ page that Digicoach can search.)
  • Display the current status of projects (group or individual).
  • Suggest activities (group or individual).
  • Ask questions (supplied by the teacher).
  • Evaluate simple answers (supplied by the teacher).
  • Give feedback and suggestions (supplied by the teacher).
  • Keep score, give token rewards, show scores and group scores.
  • Help with project management in self-directed groups (described elsewhere).

Teacher supervision: Concurrent or asynchronous

  • Teacher supervises Digicoach in one of two ways.

Concurrent supervision

  • The session is held at class time.
  • The teacher is online and monitoring activities.
  • Digicoach takes student questions (in text) and relays them to the teacher.
  • Teacher responds to questions, adding key terms digicoach can use to find the answers again.
  • Digicoach delivers the response to the student and files the question and response in the FAQ database.  
  • Teacher monitors ongoing student activity and may interrupt with advice delivered by DTA. 

Asynchronous supervision

  • Asynchronous="not at the same time."
  • The session is held when the students want it.
  • Digicoach takes student questions and delivers answers from the FAQ database.
  • If the student indicates that the answer was inadequate, Digicoach says:
  • "Sorry--that question is too hard for me.  I will ask [teacher] when I get a chance."
  • DTA puts the question in the teacher's action file. 
  • Teacher reviews records saved by Digicoach and may give additional advice to students



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