Monday, September 24, 2018

2018 WW: HG: 3D Web-world on your web page: Bringing OpenSim and web-worlds together

3D web-world on your web page.   
Bringing OpenSim and 
web-worlds together  

Suggestions on how to embed a web-world on your web page.   OpenSim grids and communities may want to consider this option as a way of attracting and onboarding new people into their virtual worlds.
  • Click the white circle under your choice of avatar.
  • Type in your preferred nickname.
  • Click the enter button.
  • Press the key to move forward, the and keys to move to the side.
  • If there is someone to talk to, you can click the mic button to talk to them.
  • I have office hours there.  Look for them after the break.
  • Voice (and possibly some other things) may not work in some browsers.  
  • We find that Chrome generally works best (to the surprise of no one).
  • This should always work:  CybaLOUNGE



Office hours: illustration

Drop by my web office Weekdays: 12:-12:30 Central time  (US) 

How do I manage these office hours?

  • It is timed to be right after I eat lunch, when I would be at my computer anyway.
  • It is only half an hour; if no one comes, I have other things to do on my computer.

How could educators manage such office hours?

  • Schedule student counseling office hours at the same time and place.  
  • Even local students can save time and gas by using the web connection.
  • Or pay students in reduced tuition. to provide a welcome service.

How would this work for musical events?

  • Best get several entertainers in the same web-world.
  • Each entertainer meets an online fan club on a weekly schedule.
  • No performance then.  Talk with the fans,  play music, get requests, sell tracks.
  • You can have performances in a web-world--just like streaming to a web page.
  • Web-world can have promotional posters for all the musicians. 
  • Posters can carry web links.  
  • The advantage you get is personal contact with your fans.


  • Original text in this blog is CC By: unless specified public domain
  • Use as you please with attribution: link to the original.
  • All images without attribution in this blog are CC0: public domain.

Drop by my web office Weekdays: 12:-12:30 Central time  (US)

  • Cybalounge, entry place/
  • We can also visit 3DWebWorldz, a professionally-built world. 
  • Mondays we focus on learning/library/museums.
  • Tuesdays we focus on writing and I will also be in 3DWebWorldz.
  • Wednesdays we focus on promoting your project, using this blog.
  • Fridays we may focus on grants, contracts, business, and web-worlds.
  • Don't register -- enter as guest.  
  • If you see no one, click the pointed push-pin (bottom line) to find me.
  • Thinkerer Melville in Second Life, Selby Evans in Kitely
  • Web-worlds, 3D virtual worlds running in a browser. Summary
  • Web-worlds are small and run in a browser with nothing else to install..


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