Sunday, May 14, 2017

2017 OSHG: Web-worlds in your browser: Visitor's guide

Web-worlds in your browser: Visitor's guide
As the web-worlds multiply, the people of the established virtual worlds are getting more interested in the developments and how they could be used.  Here is a summary of the current status and some information on using existing worlds.
Web-world for nonprofits 
and public service organizations


  • I host a meeting in this world every day at 10-10:30 am Pacific Coast  (US) time.
  • I expect to be there almost every day.  Others will probably be there also.
  • If there are people there, we will probably stay past 10:30.
  • We will talk in voice and anyone is welcome to drop in.  
  • No registration is required -- just pick an avatar
  • give the name you want use, and click enter.
  • If you don't see the enter button at the bottom of your screen, 
  • go to full screen or shrink the size of your display.
  • To shrink the display in Chrome:
  • click the column of dots, upper right, and use the zoom controls.
  • Web-worlds Articles  in this blog about web-worlds.

After the break

  • Common modes of operation
  • Current web-worlds working with the virtual world community
  • How do web-worlds relate to the user-built virtual worlds?


Bottom buttons

Services for visitors, Cybalounge
Click image to enlarge

  • Cybalounge screen.  The bottom buttons offer some controls.
  • Go to full screen and hover the cursor over a button to see floating text.
  • The floating text gives some idea of what the button does.
  • Stop animation is used to get up from sitting.

Common modes of operation

The code for a web-world can be written by an individual, so there can be a lot of variation in the way they work.  With use, experience, and the availability of standardized code, the web-worlds will settle into a common set if functions and hence a common user interface.

Avatar walking, Cybalounge

  • Like virtual worlds
  • Avatar walks, sits
  • Walk forward with up arrow key.
  • To sit, click on chair or ball in chair
  • To stand or end other animation, click "stop animation."
  • Side-pointing arrow key may orbit the seated avatar.
  • Escape key recovers lost cursor.
  • Look at the bottom line for control buttons. 
  • In full screen mode, the button functions should appear in floating text

First person viewer

  • No avatar in view.  You see as you would see if you were there.
  • Up arrow key moves view into the scene.
  • Side-pointing arrow moves view sideways.

Current web-worlds working with the virtual world community

These worlds are all under development.  Things may not work as expected.  There may be no one there most of the time, so BYOF (bring your own friends).  Controls and features may vary and may change from time to time in the same world.



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