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2019 # VWEDU: Will the Digital Teaching Assistant (DTA) need artificial intelligence?

Will the Digital Teaching Assistant (DTA)  
need artificial intelligence?

Consideration of the need for artificial intelligence (AI) services to make DTA work effectively.  Conclusion: no evident need at this time.   This article is explicitly licensed Public Domain (CC0).
The Empty Classroom


DTA services that need no AI

Record keeping

  • Record keeping support is already available.
  • The code just needs to be put together in an operating virtual environment.
  • And the system needs to attend to FERPA requirements (or the equivalent).

Quiz administration and recording

  • Quiz administration scripts are available in OpenSim language.
  • They would need to be tested and augmented with recording code.
  • The recording part needs to attend to FERPA requirements (or the equivalent).

Direct teacher aid

Subject matter aid

  • This aid would be links to content and possibly to search support.
  • The links would be curated by the teacher, not by any AI.

DTA Services that might benefit from AI support

  • Digital coaching is needed for the DTA: Do we have the technology for that?
  • The coaching services rely on interaction with people.
  • They might be more effective if they can act more like a person.
  • For now, they would  use chatbot technology.
  • Chatbots speak only when asked and use key words to pick a response.
  • They speak (and read) in text.; they might use text to speech if needed.
  • They are limited to a specific topic and situation--that makes the task easier.
  • Still, the performance might be improved by studying the previous performance.
  • So they should be able to store anonymous conversation records (with permission).
  • Other AI capabilities might be added to DTA, but by the time they are available they will  probably not be considered AI.



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