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2019 #VWEDU: #DTA: Basic skills needed for attending a meeting or class in a virtual world. DTA content page

Basic skills needed 
for attending a meeting or class 
in a virtual world 
DTA content

Digital Teaching Assistant instructions to be given to people coming to a virtual world for a class or a meeting.  To avoid the steep learning curve, the only instructions given are for the actions needed in these activities.  This article is explicitly licensed Public Domain (CC0).
Firestorm bottom left controls 
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  • Read and send local chat
  • Walk: turn, walk forward
  • Interact with things: Sit, stand, click
  • View control: Zoom,look around without moving your avatar
  • Offer friend connection to local avatars
  • Use private IM with local avatars.
  • Use a web link sent in chat
  • Use voice to communicate
  • Read a notecard sent to you
  • Rename things in inventory
  • Search on page: Ctrl+f gets search bar near top.  

Possible uses of this page

  • Send new people to this page.
  • Copy this page to your own help file.
  • Put these items into your own DTA.
  • Note public domain notice.

Firestorm bottom right controls 
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Read and send local chat

  • People type local chat to be read by everyone nearby. 
  • Local chat will scroll up the left side of your screen.  It will vanish after a short time. 
  • To see chat history, click the nearby chat button, bottom left.
  • Type your local chat in the white bar, bottom left. 
  • Press return (always) to send text.

Walkturn, walk forward

  • Walk forward: Press up arrow key.
  • Turn Press left or right arrow key.

Interact with things: Sitstandclick

  • Hover your cursor over something you want to sit on. 
  • If it changes to a chair, left click and your avatar will probably sit there.
  • If you need to get closer, you will get a message about that.
  • If the cursor does not change, right click and choose Sit here.
  • When you sit, a Stand button will appear lower left.
  • Objects may offer you something if you click on them.  
  • Best click on anything interesting.

View control: Zoom,look around without moving your avatar

  • Put your cursor on a nearby object.  Left-click and hold the key down. 
  • The cursor changes to a rectangle around a plus sign. 
  • Move your scroll wheel back and forth.  Note what happens.
  • Press your right arrow key.  Note what happens.
  • Follow the same steps with another nearby object. 
  • Try the same steps with a moving object

Use a web link sent in chat

  • Look in chat history.
  • A web link in chat will appear there in a uncommon color.
  • Left-click on the link to open the web page in your browser.

Offer friend connection to local avatars

  • People on your friends list are easy to contact
  • Adding a person to your friends list is called "friending."
  • To friend a local avatar, hover cursor over avatar, click orange i button.
  • Click "Add friend" button: the other person will get an invitation.
  • The avatar will be added to your friends list when the other person accepts 

Use private IM with local avatars

  • People may send you a private IM.
  • The text will display to you in a panel with a text bar.
  • Type in the text bar to respond.  
  • To initiate a local IM, right-click the avatar and click IM on the resulting menu.
  • Type in the panel and press return.

Use voice to communicate

  • You may hear people talking.  You may see people talking.
  • See?  Sure.  When avatars talk green waves appear over their heads.
  • To adjust volume, hover cursor on the avatar and click the orange dot that appears.
  • A little panel opens with a slider to adjust the volume.
  • To talk, click and hold the mic graphic button, bottom of your screen.
  • In the default mode, you have to hold the key down while talking.  
  • The button has a little box you can click to use the toggle mode.
  • In that mode, a single click turns on the mic and a second click turns it off.
  • You can adjust the volume for each speaker:
  • Hover the cursor over the avatar, left-click on the I button that appears.
  • Use the slider in the resulting panel to adjust the volume.

Read a notecard 

  • People may send you notecards.  You will get a notice to accept or not.  
  • Click the option: Show to read the card immediately.
  • The card will go into your inventory (briefcase graphic), bottom of your screen.
  • Find it and be sure it has a name you can remember.   
  • To change the name of something in your inventory, right click and click Rename.

Prepare and send a notecard

  • Make a blank notecard in your inventory: Click briefcase.
  • Click plus sign, bottom line of inventory; choose option: notecard.
  • Rename the notecard something useful.
  • Type your message and save the notecard. 
  • Send notecard to someone near: Righ-click the avatar, click option: IM
  • Drag notecard from inventory into the IM bar (and release it there).
  • Send notecard to a contact: Open People panel, Friends tab, right-click name, send in IM bar 

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