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2019 #DTA: #VWEDU: Schools need 3 levels of edtech--Matt Harris, Ed.D. And how does the Digital Teaching Assistant (DTA) fit in?

Schools need 3 levels of edtech--Matt Harris, Ed.D.  
And how does the Digital Teaching Assistant fit in?  

Three levels of edtech: Access, teaching, outcomes.   In the tech  age of the 21st century, you can's show you've done it till you've measured it.  

  • Watch on YouTube
  • Access: Caution: you don't know what you need till you know how you will use it
  • Teaching:  Telling is not teaching: Learning activities 
  • Outcomes: You don't know you've done it till you've measured it.

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Technology is money heavy?

  • Only because it is a new budget item.  
  • Really money heavy: the cost of buildings (building, maintaining, securing).
  • Students connected by the internet can study in many places that already exist:
  • Homes, neighbor's homes, the local library, spaces in a local business (rented or donated).
  • How does the cost of internet study compare with the cost of new buildings?

The DTA can collect effective learning activities

  • DTA can collect anonymous data on student performance after each learning activity.
  • The results would be available to the teacher.   
  • The teacher has records for aggregate performance for each type of learning activity.
  • The teacher can identify the more effective learning activity.
  • If teachers share their findings, they may generalize the findings.

The DTA can monitor skills development

  • The final outcome may be beyond the scope of DTA.
  • But the skills required for a successful outcome are practiced in homework.
  • DTA can monitor progress in the development of those skills. 
  • Thus the teacher can monitor that progress and intervene when needed.

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