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2019 #VWEDU: DTA: Once you hear lecture about swimming, you never forget what you learned about lectures. Talking is not teaching.

Once you hear lecture about swimming, 
you never forget what you learned about lectures.  
Talk does not teach skills. 

Heard about the learning/doing gap?  There is no such thing.  Sure, you tell people how to do something and they can't do it.  Talk does not teach, it just informs.  To learn a skill, you have to practice it.   This article is explicitly licensed Public Domain (CC0).
The Empty Classroom
Learning to swim?

The learning/doing gap does not exist

  • People learn by doing.  No gap here--you practice, you learn.
  • You can practice better with a coach.  You practice better, you learn better.
  • The problem is that educational industries confuse talking with doing.
  • A lecturer can talk about swimming.  It may be an interesting lecture.
  • The audience may be enraged.   They may be able to talk about it at length.
  • Nobody would expect talking to teach swimming.  
  • Swimming is a skill.  We have always known that we develop skills by practice.
  • If we talk about swimming we probably get better at talking about swimming.
  • And that is all we were learning (all we were practicing).  

What can we do about it?

  • We already know the general answer:
  • You teach swimming in a swimming pool.
  • That takes time and money.  A lecture is cheaper.
  • But nothing is cheaper if it does not accomplish your goal.
  • For some goals we found a solution long ago.
  • We didn't want inexperienced pilots flying commercial planes.
  • So we made flight simulators for them to practice on.
  • It would have been cheaper to give them lectures or have them read a manual.
  • I doubt that anyone suggested that.  At least not with a straight face.
  • So the "solution" was obvious: they practice in a simulation.
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How can schools offer simulations?

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