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2019 #VWEDU: #DTA: Firestorm settings for beginners. A DTA content page

Firestorm settings for beginners. 
A DTA content page
Suggested changes in Firestorm settings for use with students in educational places.   This article is explicitly licensed Public Domain (CC0).
How to search FS Prefs

How to search Firestorm preferences

  • Top line of Firestorm, Avatar (full left), click Avatar
  • On drop-down menu click Preferences
  • To search preferences panel:  Use the white bar at the top of the panel.
  • Type part of the setting and the panel will show settings that match.
  • See graphic above.
  • Details on Preferences: Viewer 3.3+ Preferences window, Summary
  • Using viewer: Firestorm for OpenSimulator set to Viewer 5 (drop-down menus) 

Key terms

  • Name tags
  • Enable voice
  • Media
  • Movement
  • View
  • World Map
  • Notifications
  • Buttons
  • Search this page: Ctrl+f opens search bar near top of page.

Preference settings to change for students

  • Be sure to click the OK button when you finish a panel.  
  • Otherwise, your settings may not be recorded.  
General tab

  • Name tags-- show briefly

Sound & Media--Voice tab

  • Enable voice (checked)

Sound & Media--Media tab

  • Allow media to autoplay
  • Allow inworld scripts to play media

Move & View--ViewTab

  • Check these:
  • Disable camera constraints
  • Disable minimum camera zoom distance

Move & View--Movement Tab

  • Single click on land - move to clicked point
  • Double click on land - teleport to clicked point

Move & View--Map&Minimap Tab

  • Enable double-click teleports on the World Map

Notifications--People tab

  • Notify me when my friends log in or out. (uncheck all)

Firestorm onscreen buttons to keep

  • A button will display its name when you hover your cursor over it.
  • Inventory
  • People
  • Snapshot
  • Speak 
  • Places
  • Quick prefs
  • Other buttons can be hidden and recovered if needed.
  • Reference viewer: Firestorm for OpenSimulator set to Viewer 5 (drop-down menus) 

What is a DTA content page?

  • DTA content pages are offered as possible content for instruction on using virtual worlds for education. 
  • The page is explicitly licensed Public Domain (CC0).
  • That means anyone can use it as is or modified with or without credit to the source.
  • Digicoach might send people to this page with specific search terms.
  • Educators might put this page on their own site and send students there.
  • Educators might use this text in their own version of Digicoach.
  • These content pages will be revised as needed or as improvements are identified.


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