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2019 #VWEDU #DTA: Travel tips for the Hypergrid. A DTA content page

Travel tips for the Hypergrid.
 A DTA content page
Updated 1/29/2020
Bits of advice for travelling the Hypergrid. DTA content pages are assembled and written for use as Digicoach advice. This article is explicitly licensed Public Domain (CC0). 
World Map for HG travel
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Travel tips for the Hypergrid

The Hypergrid or HG

  • The Hypergrid is a connection among independent grids that use OpenSimulator.
  • The connection allows avatars to travel from their home grid to other grids.
  • Travelers can take some possessions with them and get some things to take home.
  • Travelers can make friends and join groups in other grids.
  • Friends can send Instant messages (IMs) to friends on other grids.
  • The system is not as reliable as ingrid actions but it usually works.

Hypergrid address:  

  • To go to a specific place on a grid:
  • Island
  • Put the HG address in the Find bar of the World Map, click FindTP
  • To open the world map: Ctrl+m
  • To go to the welcome place on a grid.
  • The grid address is the first part of the place address, up to the colon.
  • The HG address may not get you to your final destination. 
  • You may find teleports nearby, or you may have a Firestorm Hop.
  • The Firestorm Hop only works within a grid.
  • These addresses can be presented in ordinary text (blog, email)
  • Inworld, landmarks are the best choice, but you have to collect them

Suitcase folder for hypergrid travel


  • If you want to return to a place, take a landmark there.
  • Firestorm: World (top menu)-Create landmark.
  • Scenegate: Places (side menu) click the + sign
  • People can give you landmarks directly or in notecards
  • If you get a landmark in a notecard 
  • Landmarks are kept in your Places folder, your Inventory and your Suitcase.
  • On the Hypergrid, a landmark will go into your Suitcase under landmarks.
  • The Suitcase is a folder in your inventory.
  • Copy landmarks in your Suitcase to your Inventory (landmark folder) for easier access.
  • But leave a copy in your suitcase for use on the Hypergrid.

Failures on Hypergrid travel

  • Don't accept one failure to teleport as lasting; try again in a few minutes.
  • If the second try also fails, you have options:
  • Try to go to the grid welcome place and use the grid World Map.
  • Testing HG addresses and address forms. Failure is not forever
  • The back button on your viewer normally returns you to the place you were.
  • But maybe not on the HG.

    Invited travel

    • Experienced users can invite you to their location. 
    • IM a friend if there is one at the place are seeking and ask for teleport.

    What is a DTA content page?

    • DTA content pages are offered as possible content for instruction on using virtual worlds for education. 
    • The page is explicitly licensed Public Domain (CC0).
    • That means anyone can use it as is or modified with or without credit to the source.
    • Digicoach might send people to this page with specific search terms.
    • Educators might put this page on their own site and send students there.
    • Educators might use this text in their own version of Digicoach.
    • These content pages will be revised as needed or as improvements are identified.

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