Monday, September 16, 2019

2019 #VWEDU: #DTA: Edpuzzle offers DTA features and could serve as a module in Digital Teaching Assistant (DTA)

Edpuzzle offers DTA features 
and could serve as a module in 
Digital Teaching Assistant (DTA)

An existing service, Edpuzzle, offers one of the services proposed for DTA and could be used as one of its modules.  


Other potential resources for DTA

What does immediate evaluation do?

  • Ensures that the student answered the question.
  • Gives immediate feedback--that can include guidance on effective study.
  • Gives teacher prompt information on student progress.
  • When intermixed with content, shows student where more attention is needed.

What can a virtual world offer that the flat web does not?

  • Provide the instruction in a suitable environment.
  • Probably not in a classroom, but in a place where the skills will be used.
  • The place can have the teacher's choice of signs, music and relevant objects.
  • The place can host multiple students working together in group projects.


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