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2019 #VWEDU: #DTA: Error based learning in writing. Combine project-based learning with test-based learning. And maybe get a useful product out of it.

Error based learning in writing
Combine project-based learning with test-based learning.   
And maybe get a useful product out of it

An  example of how a Digital Teaching Assistant could provide practice in editing text for grammar.  Four projects of increasing difficulty are suggested for practicing editing skill.    This article is explicitly licensed Public Domain (CC0).
The Empty Classroom
This is not the only place to learn

If you can't make errors, you can't make anything

  • Errors in writing are no problem if you can edit them out of the draft.
  • Errors in writing have little cost now if you can find them and fix them.
  • Writing grammatically correct language is a natural for error-based learning

Learning from the test

Error based learning


Example: Written English (or other native language)

  • This plan calls for text with known errors.   The supply is unlimited.
  • Experienced teachers could modify this plan for other subjects. 

Project 1:  Practice test taking

  • Form groups of about 5 students each.
  • Each group gets several text pages with known errors.
  • Group task: Identify all the errors in each page.  Number of errors given for each page.
  • Task may include correcting the errors, but DTA may not be able to score that.
  • DTA could score choosing the correct form from a set of possibilities.
  • DTA gives help until all the errors are found.
  • All groups get the same pages and are allowed to confer outside of class.
  • Collaborative learning
  • Project-based learning also provides practice in problem solving.

Project 2: Practice test taking, reduced help

  • Form groups of about 3 students each.
  • The task is similar to Project 1, but each group gets different pages.
  • DTA management is identical.
  • No restriction on conferring outside of class. Collaborative learning 

Project 3: Practice test taking, individual

  • The task is similar to Project 1 but students work alone. 
  • Each student gets different pages.
  • DTA continues helping as before. 
  • Student is scored on number it errors found without DTA help.

Project 4: Practice test construction

  • Available to students who do very well on Project 3.  
  • Other students do another Project 3.  
  • Project: You are given three pages of text without errors.  
  • Show how to modify the text to insert errors like those on the previous projects.
  • Insert one of each error in the following list (teacher's choice).  
  • The products from this project might be reworked into pages for Projects 1-3.
  • This project could be done by groups or solo.

Project 5:  Writing and wronging games

  • Form teams of the best students (possibly between schools).
  • Isolate the teams and give each the same page. 
  • They are to identify the errors as in Project 1, but as fast as they can.
  • This is played before a live audience (maybe English classes in the school district).
  • The event is timed, winner completes the task in the shortest time.
  • Teams can request DTA help, but that costs a time out (maybe 3 minutes).

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