Friday, October 4, 2019

2019 #VWEDU: ART: Serenity Island: Spaceship, Mars and the Moon

Serenity Island: 
Spaceship, Mars and the Moon
There's a place for imaginations.  Virtual worlds, Kitely.  Beyond the limitations of space and time.  We can see what we can imagine.  Beyond the demands of gravity and air.  We can explore what we can imagine. 

Go there

  • Hypergrid address:  
  • Island
  • Put the HG address in the Find bar of the World Map, click FindTP
  • In Kitely, use Firestorm hop:
  • hop:// Island/124/212/22
  • Put the hop in the address (top) bar of the Firestorm viewer, Enter
  • Kitely Website: Serenity Island
  • Serenity Island: Sea grotto and crystal caves


Destinations of interest
Click image to enlarge
  • A click on the picture takes you to the destination.
  • Click to panel on the pole to get a notecard of attributions.
Destinations: center panel
  • Mars habitat
  • Neon park
  • 3D space gallery and planetarium
  • Moon landing
Space station and starship

Balloon ride to Sky City
Sky City floats at an altitude of 300 meters.  In Sky City you can visit the 3D space museum, the deep space museum with videos, the planetarium and Moonbeam Cafe.  There is also the space station, starship (that travels through space!), plus the Moon landing and Mars habitat.  

Arrive at Sky City

Moonbeam Cafe
Space port

Space Gallery 
and Planetarium

On Mars
Mars habitat. The fun way to get there: After making your way to Sky City, teleport via the Space Port to the Space Station. Next, fly into the docked Starship, which has bridge controls for fusion drive travel.  While in transit, select Mars as your destination. Upon arrival, make your way out of the starship (hint: the airlock is near the storage bay). Walk across the Martian landscape towards the habitat. Careful, a Mars rover may be crossing your path... Inside the habitat living quarters is a hydroponic garden and rest area.
Power supply 

On the ship


  • Fresh food.
  • Oxygen regeneration 



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