Monday, September 9, 2019

2019 #VWEDU: #DTA: The Digital Teaching Assistant fits with the practice of blended learning

The Digital Teaching Assistant fits 
the practice  of blended learning
A digital teaching assistant could be part of blended learning

Using Videos


The Digital Teaching Assistant can augment video lectures

What is missing from a video lecture?

  • In the olden days, we augmented the lecture lecture with questions. 
  • The questions could be answered by students who understood the preceding lecture.
  • So the questions gave each student a self-test on the lecture content.  
  • And caused the students to think about particular aspects of the content.
  • Videos can close with thought questions, but cannot call on someone to answer.
  • The DTA can provide a lecture and follow it with questions.
  • Not just thought questions, but questions calling for an answer.  
  • And the DTA can give immediate feedback on the answer.
  • If the teacher prepares the feedback well, the answer can suggest remedial action:
  • "Watch the video again and pay special attention to the part at 3.5 to 4.8 minutes."

The DTA can offer alternative lectures on the same topic

  • A student having problems with a topic can only review the presentation.
  • A different presentation might be more effective for that student. 
  • The DTA can offer options if the teacher has provided them.
  • Some lectures may use illustrations drawn from particular areas of interest.
  • Baseball, flying, cooking, fashion, business--students might choose a lecture about things of most interest to them.

The DTA can answer FAQ if the teacher provides the answers

DTA articles


Development considerations

Possible services, education

Possible services, virtual worlds

New century education


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