Monday, May 13, 2019

2019 PROMO: HG: Promoting something? Your social media "timeline" could help

Use your media timeline 
to promote your project

We of the virtual worlds (MUVErs) need to to promote our projects to the unMUVEd world.  Here is another suggestion in my series of articles about promotion in the digital universe.

Promoting something?  Your media "timeline" could help

  • Your social media "timeline" is the collection of things you post or repost.
  • To be useful, it needs to be all in one place--probably on Twitter
  • You build it by posting or reposting links on Twitter.
  • Many things you repost will have a share button for easy reposting
  • You use a Twitter timeline by embedding the live stream on your web page.
  • See how I am doing it:   Muve Update 
  • More after the break
  • The embedded stream is always up-to-date.
  • Social media for the virtual worlds. Summary
  • Articles on promotion in this blog.

My Twitter Timeline (always up to date)

  • Notice that you can scroll the timeline

Repost articles related to your project

  • You want an audience who would be interested in your project.
  • You watch for news related to your project.
  • When you see an article that is something like your project, repost it 
  • Many articles will carry repost links to make that easy for you.
  • Reposting makes your timeline more interesting, attracts interested audience.
  • Reposting shows you as well-informed on the subject.
  • Reposting is your magazine, your recommendations, your promotion 
  • A social media site will have groups or hashtags--use them to promote your posts.
  • To build your professional reputation, repost on LinkedIn.
  • I have started marking my education-related articles with #VWEDU

How do you watch for news? 

  • I use Feedly.
  • I put the sources in categories and look over one category at a time.
  • It shows me the headlines.  I open the ones I want and mark the category read.
  • It keeps track of news items I have seen and does not show them again.

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