Saturday, May 18, 2019

2019 #VWEDU MALET showcase: Microscope Studies Using Portable Microscopes & Smartphones

MALET showcase: Microscope Studies 
Using Portable Microscopes & Smartphones

Free web resources. Inexpensive tools.  Smart phones.  Paper-based microscopes.  Easy exploration of the world of tiny.  Away from the world of the teachers, into the world of the student.  When students choose their own explorations, they don't just learn the content.


  • Self-guided exploration of the microscopic world by the students. 
  • When students handle their own explorations, they don't just learn the content.
  • They learn what they can do. 



  • With web-based lessons, videos, and activities
  • Access on pcs, tablets and smartphones
  • A paper-based, single lens pocket microscope
  • Students can explore anywhere.
  • Students can collect images and share them on Google Docs.
  • These products can be shared with the entire class--and with future classes.
  • Free instruction on making videos is readily available.
  • Students leave the class with a with images and videos.
  • Enterprising students can retain these products as part of their portfolios.
  • Examples of their work products can become a professional portfolio.
  • Building Online Presence for Effective Online Professional Development


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