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2019 #VWEDU: Edwardian Era: Coopersville. The Titanic. Kitty hawk. Filling stations. Mary Pickford. The Entertainer

Edwardian Era: Coopersville.  
The Titanic.  Kitty hawk.  Filling stations. 
Mary Pickford. The Entertainer

A region depicting the early part of the 20th century. A little over 100 years ago.   Definitely a historical period.  With attention to historical accuracy, this could be a good location for a "mystery history" challenge.  Indeed I offer you such a challenge: If you did not read the text, would you be able to deduce the period from just what you see in the pictures here?  

Coopersville arrival point
  • Go there, HG address:
  • Put the HG address in the Find bar of the world map, click Find, TP
More information at the arrival point
Click image to enlarge
  • Join the Coopersville group to rez cars and drive them

Stores in Coopersville 

  • Chris CreationZ
  • Four Winds 
  • T-Spot Home & Garden 
  • Fine Finds, Furniture Art & Food
  • Crown Jewel's Gift's 
  • Period Clothing from Kitely Market
  • Trouble! 
  • DATS: The Door And Texture Store
  • Barbara Novelli
  • Caprices des Anges 
  • De Landria Creations
  • Ocean Engineering 

At the beach
The new tech of the day
The backside of the signs
Click image to enlarge

More backsides

A theater of the era
Movie posters of the era
Free ship you can sail

Clothing store

Clothing for ladies of the era

Upscale housing of the era
  • I can still find houses like these in small Texas towns,
Coopersville trolley  
  • I rode on street cars ( trolleysin the 1930's: 
I ride the trolley

I remember those bottles

A filling station of that era
  • Note the pump handles on the pumps.
  • And the big glass tanks at the top.
  • The attendant pumped the gasoline into the tank.
  • Then delivered the gasoline in the amount you requested.
  • You could see the amount you were getting.  
  • I remember such pumps from the 1930's
Livery Stable
  • Something old
Cars you can copy
  • Something new

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