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2019 #VWEDU: Mainstreaming Virtual World Learning Colloquium: Video summary and suggestions

Mainstreaming Virtual World Learning Colloquium 
Video summary and suggestions

With funding from the Carol Lavin Bernick Family Foundation and Tulane University's School of Professional Advancement, the Mainstreaming Virtual World Learning Colloquium was held on December 1, 2018. Kay McLennan (Tulane University), the moderator for the event provides the background for the event. 

Kay McLennan, Ph.D. 

Colloquium summary


The affordances of virtual world (MUVE) presentations

  • World-wide audience potential 
  • Easily bring your own posters, slides, videos, or 3D scenes.
  • Easily make a video of your presentation, post it on YouTube.
  • Posters and the objects in your scenes can give notes and links to web sites.
  • All your presentation material (and the video) can be available indefinitely
  • Your presentation material can be reused and kept in your portfolio.

Rethinking conferences for the 21st Century

Suggestions for 21 century presentations

For the host venue

  • Invite presenters to rez a presentation set carrying whatever support they need.
  • Suggest they can prepare and test a slide presenter in the set. 
  • (Then they can get it right on their own time.)
  • A podium is so last century.
  • Event presenters could maintain a collaborative blog 
  • All the event details could be posted there for advanced promotion.  

For presenters

  • Make your presentation set for reuse.
  • Put in web-senders to things in your portfolio.
  • For lectures and presentations, use web-senders in virtual worlds
  • If you want to use slides, put  a slide presenter in your presentation set.
  • Steamworks Slideshow Viewer 1.0 (Exportable)
  • Newbie orientation
  • Presenter for Opensim v. 1.1 (en)
  • Get rez power at the venue, rez the presentation set.
  • If the slide show controls respond to a click from anyone, 
  • put a transparent panel  between the presenter and the audience.
  • (The controls can be scripted to respond only to the owner.)
  • Around the sides of the set, put notecard givers, web-senders, etc.
  • If you can post on a blog, you can put all your presentation content there.
  • Then you use web-senders to send people to those pages.
  •  (People can look at those while you are talking.  And read them later.)


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