Tuesday, May 21, 2019

2019 #VWEDU BIZ: Corporate Use of a Virtual World for Training Commercial Insurance Agents. Situated learning

Corporate Use of a Virtual World 
for Training Commercial Insurance Agents
Situated learning, communities of practce 
By: Donna Yager

This project is a culmination of the design and development of a virtual world for training Commercial Insurance Agents called ‘Commercial New Producer Program’ and uses a Google site as a student portal for course materials as well as a virtual world, called Training Town, as the tool for meeting within our community of practice.

Training Town


This training used the pedagogical foundations of:

Arrival point in Training Town

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  • Is that a meeting room inside that building?
Meeting tables 
in the central building 

Brownstone houses with offices 
for practice meetings with clients
  • Learners could play both roles. 
  • Playing the role of client could develop insight into the client's thinking.
 Arranged as an office


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