Sunday, May 26, 2019

2019 #VWEDU: A mystery. Who doesn't love a mystery? Can students learn from a mystery?

A mystery.  
Who doesn't love a mystery?  
Can students learn from a mystery?  

A mystery that can only be solved by using knowledge gained from the course content.  That can work in a geography class by talking to people in a geographically relevant location.  You can do that in Skype at no cost.  For a history class, you could do that with photos of the period or with replicated scenes of the period (as in virtual worlds).

"Mystery Skype is a great tool for global connections for educators around the world. It allows classes to connect with other schools and experts to open up learning for all students. In this vlog post, I encourage teachers to jump into Mystery Skype and I provide tips to maximize their experience. I also talk about best practices for video conferencing and global connection planning."
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