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2019 EDU: Presentation paradigm for the internet generation

Presentation paradigm for 
the internet generation

Virtual worlds allow a presentation that is just like the old way of doing presentations.  But they also allow newer, more efficient methods.  Here are some suggestions to take advantage of the affordances of the internet.

An old-fashioned presentation
  • Think up bullet points that show the main ideas you want to get across.
  • Put the bullet points up on a screen.
  • Talk about each point.  Answer questions about each point.
  • Hope they remember what you said, because they can't go back and reread. 
  • Notice that they all have laptops.
  • Couldn't the presentation make use of the laptops?

Could the presentation use the laptops?  

  • Make a web page for each bullet point.  
  • Put relevant links and information on that web page.
  • Give the web page links to the audience so they can follow.
  • Better yet, give  the links in advance so people can prepare in advance.
  • Bur don't stop there.


Put the whole presentation on the web

  • Get a video of the presentation.  
  • Cut the presentation into segments matching the bullet points.
  • Make those bullet points into web pages. 
  • Put the video segments on the matching web pages 
  • Put anything else that goes with that bullet point on its web page.

How do I know they will view the presentation and pay attention?

  • The basic strategy is to make the presentation interactive.

Presentation to voluntary audience

  • Invite questions and suggestions for additional coverage of the content.

Presentation for adult learning credit 

  • Ask each person to comment on each bullet point:
  • How can you use this information in your regular job?
  • What further support do you need to make effective use of this information? 
  • These comments can be offered online (using those laptops).
  • Thus the presentation can be turned into online instruction.

Presentation in school or college

  • Project based learning:  Given one bullet point, elaborate on it.
  • Elaboration may be adding more supporting detail.
  • Or presenting a contrary position.
  • Or presenting a solution to an implied problem.
  • Or recasting the presentation to make it easier to understand.
  • Or...(you fill it in)

Presentation by the boss

  • Ask each to give a constructive comment:
  • How can you use this information in your job?
  • What action would you recommend in connection with this point?
  • Would you suggest any cautions or precautions in connection with this point?

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