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2019 EDU: GAME: Guinivere project: A Language learning game in a 3D immersive environment

Guinivere project: A language learning
game in a 3D immersive environment

The GUINEVERE Project aims to demonstrate the potential of digital game-based learning in 3D immersive environments.

GUINEVERE is in a line of previously successful EU projects under the Lifelong Learning Programme and ERASMUS+ which aims to establish a firm bond between language learning, intercultural communication and digital technologies and promote the wider societal values of tolerance, mutual understanding and sharing of knowledge and expertise across and beyond member states.
VWER group tours 
the GUINEVERE project 
in OpenSim
Teleport board 
Click image to enlarge
  • In the digital worlds we teleport from place to place.
  • We digitals often wish we could teleport in the old physical world.
Some VWER people arrive
  • We arrive by teleport, of course.  
  • The ship is just for atmosphere.
Instructions for the new digitals
  • Orientation gives instructions on how to walk
  • (Forward: Up arrow key)
  • And reminds you that you click on things to get action.
Reminders of the Arthur legend 

Welcome to Guinevere island 
A gate to enter the "game" area
  • An escape room in reverse.
  • You must meet a challenge to get in.
Choose your path
  • One way to make a place interactive is to offer choices.
  • In a MUVE, the choice can be made simply by walking through a door.
  • We are already used to doing that.
Challenge-based learning has gates
  • Which world is missing in this sentence:
  • Never look a gift horse in the XXXXX.
  • You have to figure out the answer and give it to pass the gate.
  • Trivial for people who speak English well.
  • Impossible for people who speak no English.
  • A challenge for people learning English.
A water-gate: 
The bridge appears 
when you answer the question
  • Old-style learning has gates too.  
  • Tests, promotion, diplomas, graduations.
  • Every test is desperately important.
  • Fail a school test and you will probably be shamed (at least).
  • Fail a game challenge and you have to try again.  
  • A game is where you learn productive response to failure.
  • In a place where failure is safe. 
A gate to the garden 
  • The Snow King has the key word.
  • And will give it to you if you ask.
  • Can you find the Snow King?
  • He is nearby here, but finding him could have been challenge.
  • Especially with the instructions in English.
  • And the player just learning English
I ask the Snow King

A final challenge in the walled garden
  • The value is in the journey, not in the destination


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