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2019 EDU: BIZ: Virtual Teacher's Assistant, an option for entrepreneurial educators: a job for SuperTA

Virtual Teacher's Assistant, 
an option for entrepreneurial educators

A virtual teacher's assistant can be an organized collection of resources with search assistance to help teachers find what the need.  Or, with the help of entrepreneurial educators, it might be more.
The Empty Classroom

What are entrepreneurial educators?


Virtual, online, remote: What is the difference?

  • They can all refer to much the same set of services. 
  • Remote is the most general and has a well-understood meaning.
  • Remote used to be by phone, people talking.  Now it is almost always online.
  • Online offers a much wider selection among affordances.
  • Voice, video, images, interactive web pages, virtual worlds 
  • Virtual is most likely to be used to refer to virtual visitors in a simulated scene.
  • The virtual visitors appear on a video screen, perhaps in human form.
  • Perhaps the visitors appear as animals, perhaps as cartoon characters.
  • The appearance is fitted to the educational objectives.
  • As is the simulated scene (MUVE).
  • Situated learning

Level of assistance

Provide teaching materials for a particular topic

  • Already available:
  • Teachers pay teachersan online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. 
  • Covers: k-12, higher education, adult education.
  • Covers: All common subject areas.
  • Prices: Free, below $10, $10 and up.  
  • Resource types: Assessment, Google apps, Unit plans, Interactive notebooks,  Math centers, Games
  • I think schools should be paying for teaching materials.
  • And some are: TPT for schools.
  • This market already accepts online content: Google apps
  • It might be ready for web-worlds.
  • The pricing here would not cover live assistance.
  • But it could cover an interactive web-world where the teacher could teach.
  • It be a shared place that teachers use for Team teaching (Wikipedia).
  • Or where students participate in collaborative learning

Collaborative learning

Team teaching, collaborative teaching

All of the above--a job for SuperTA

  • Able to find or make effective teaching resources for any grade level.
  • Able to find or make effective teaching resources for any subject.
  • SuperTA need not be just one person.
  • It could be a group or a company.
  • Or a collection of companies.
  • Certainly a collection of entrepreneurial educators.

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