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2020 VW: #VWEDU: Student onboarding for the online campus: Treat onboarding as a use case with its own skill set. Use-case analysis. Identify and teach the skills.

Student onboarding for the online campus:   
Treat onboarding as a use case with its own skill set.  
Use-case analysis.  
Identify and teach the skills.
Recommendations on onboarding plans for beginners entering virtual worlds for remote learning or remote meetings.  
Onboarding place
in 3DWebWorldz

Use-case analysis for this case

  • Describe a detailed scenario of what the beginning user needs to do.
  • Identify each needed action and the skills required.
  • Caution: you must get the novice viewpoint, not yours.
  • E.g.: "Click the Login button."  You know where the Login button is.
  • The novice has to find it.  
  • If you cannot easily see from the novice point of view, don't try.
  • Get a few novices and have them follow the onboarding procedure.
  • Have them talk aloud about what they are wondering at the moment.
  • Developers: this is how you debug the instructions.  
  • How do I fix it?  (After the break)


It is easier to fix the software than the instructions

  • That's for software developers.  
  • If novices have trouble finding the Login button, you could fix it in the instructions:
  • "The  Login button is on the bottom line a bit to the right of center."
  • That may work until the developers move it.
  • Why would they not move it?  They don't know that users have trouble finding buttons.
  • They thought they fixed that with hover text on the buttons. 
  • But hover text is useless until you find the button.
  • Or they could fix in the software (html).  
  • Not flashing: that can cause epileptic seizures in a few people. 
  • My suggestion: Color all buttons yellow
  • Make green any buttons that are ready for action.

Designs for instructions

The game model

The JIT model

Onboarding place 

Which is the best?

  • No need for "either-or" thinking.  On the internet we can think "both-and".
  • Probably no one model fits everyone.  For busy people the JIT model may be best.
  • If i were designing it, I would probably start with the onboarding place. 
  • And put there web links to the other options.  
  • Note that there could be multiple onboarding games to fit multiple gamer interests.
  • My guess is that adults with work experience would favor the JIT model.
  • And students in K-12 or college would mostly favor the games.

Learning objectives for VW onboarding



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