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2020 #VWEDU: WW: GM: A gamified learning plan for starting students and teachers in web-worlds. A strawman version.

A gamified learning plan for starting 
students and teachers in web-worlds. 
A strawman version.

Strawman version of a learning plan for teaching students and teachers how to start in and online class based in a web-world.  Of course you can see ways to improve it.  
Web-world for nonprofits 
and public service organizations

Gamification can support independent learning.

  • It tells learners what skills are needed and how to know when they are developed.
  • The kind of gamification plan here is designed to work with any web-world.
  • The web-world instructions may vary, but should lead to the needed skills.
  • The ease of finding the instructions might be an element in evaluation.

Gamified and asset-based (skills as assets)

From Games

  • Update 6/4/2020 Firestorm update for OpenSim. Metamodernism and Changing Literacy


  • Digital literacy  (beginner level)
  • External skills needed to support the tasks

Task analysis by level: students

  • Completion of these levels may be adequate for most students.
  • Additional (external) digital literacy skills will probably be needed.

Novice skill set

  • Task: participate in a class, meeting, or lecture
  • Skills: Arrive at meeting or class
  • Move to seating location and sit
  • Read signs (get the necessary view)
  • Listen and talk to others (manage controls)
  • Read and copy chat.  
  • Use weblinks in chat to open web pages
  • Offer and accept friendships
  • Take and use screenshots (Screenshot
  • Start your learning journal (Details TBD)
  • Novice badge is awarded on demonstration of these skills
  • Demonstration may be by screen-shot in the learning journal

Interaction skill set

  • Task: handle basic interactions
  • Prerequisite: Novice 
  • Skills Recognize scene features that may offer interaction
  • Elicit and read interaction notices. 
  • Respond to interaction requests (answer questions).
  • Interaction badge is awarded on demonstration of these skills.

Task analysis by level: beginning teacher

  • Prerequisite:Student skill sets above.

Presentation skill set

  • Task: Prepare and present lecture or  Q+A session
  • Prerequisite: NoviceDigital literacy (Above beginner)
  • Skills: Import images to presenter
  • Operate the presenter
  • Put web link into local chat
  • Presentation badge is awarded on demonstration of these skills. 

Questmaker skill set

  • Prerequisite: Presentation skill set
  • Task: Prepare a quest for a given topic and learning objective
  • Quest: a set of challenges requiring knowledge about the topic.
  • Quests can be repeated as needed to show mastery
  • They are for practice and formative assessment, not evaluation.
  • Prerequisite: Experience in testing for learning objectives.
  • Prerequisite: Experience in designing educational quests.
  • Skill: Use a questmaker.
  • Questmaker badge is awarded on demonstration of these skills. 

Testmaker skill set

  • Prerequisite: Presentation skill set
  • Task: Prepare a test for a given topic and learning objective
  • Test: a set questions to show knowledge about the topic.
  • Tests cannot be repeated
  • Prerequisite: Experience in testing for learning objectives.
  • Prerequisite: Experience in designing educational quests.
  • Skill: Use a testmaker.
  • Testmaker badge is awarded on demonstration of these skills. 

Find the theme

  • Asset-based learning.  
  • Gamification. Badges
  • Goal-directed learning. 
  • Breadwinner thinking.  
  • Project-based learning. 

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