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2020 #VWEDU Immersive language learning and: Why would you do a presentation this way? Use the powers of the Digitals.

Immersive language learning and: 
Why would you do a presentation this way?  
Use the powers of the Digitals.

We digitals have a new set of powers in the digital worlds.  We don't have to do things the old way.  We can do things in ways that are more productive in fitting our objectives.

  • Heike Philp / Gwen Gwasi; 
  • Jennifer Hamilton / Jaz Beverly; 
  • Annalisa di Pierro /Innesfree;
  • Helena Galani /erlinaazure 


  • The presentation is 50 minutes long.  Few people will spend that long on a video.
  • The audio is not of good quality.  
  • Using the powers of the digitals on these problems.
  • One power of the digitals is search on page.

Language learning in digital (virtual) worlds

To learn a language live online is the best and sometimes cheapest way of practicing it in real-time with other people. Virtual worlds and video games offer opportunities to meet speakers of other languages and native speakers alike but there are many 3D spaces out there and sometimes it is difficult to decide which one to join. 


  • Which virtual world is suitable for language education? 
  • What kind of equipment or software does one need? 
  • How long does it take to get to know this world before it can be introduced to language learners? 
  • Is this virtual space safe? 


  • With these questions in mind, a group of language educators spent 5 weeks exploring 13 different 3D environments, created an evaluation rubric and listened to some of the long-time users of these environments for the pros and cons. 
  • To present the findings of a 5-week online workshop exploring various virtual worlds. 
  • To consider some of the lessons learned by the providers of these environments. 
  • For example, how one can combine Artificial Intelligence with NPC in OpenSim to create chatbots. 

Add a digital teaching assistant (DTA) 

Back to the powers of the digitals

A video can be more than just talk

  • You can include the equivalent of slides.
  • In a digital place we put images on posters
  • Instead of  "Next slide, please,"  we walk to to the next poster.
  • But we are not limited to images.  
  • We can make the video in a place that illustrates what we are talking about. 
  • We can include other people to help with the illustration.

A video does not have to run 50 minutes

  • In my view, the ideal length is about seven minutes.
  • I would make four or five and allow time after each one to answer questions.
  • And I would post each of them in my YouTube channel. 
  • I would embed each in a separate blog article focused on that topic.
  • If somebody else made similar videos of their presentation, I might use those, too

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