Sunday, October 25, 2020

2020 #VWEDU: Develop your online professional learning network (OPLN) in virtual worlds. The community in your laptop. Always ready. always handy

Develop your online professional learning network in virtual worlds.
OPLN: The community in your laptop.  
Always ready. always handy  
Educators network with other educators to share ideas and information.  And online network has greater reach and more information.  Here are links for starting your network.


    • Educators
    • Students
    • Parents of students
    • Adult learners


    • A PLN is mainly about sharing information.
    • Online probably has the information you want, but you need to find it. 
    • Wondering how?  
    • That is where a professional learning network (PLN) fits in.
    • Anything you want to know, you ask your network.
    • Here I will give suggestions and links you can use to get started.
    • CVL: Community Virtual Library
    • Watch on YouTube

    Virtual worlds? 

    • User-built virtual worlds.  These are not games.  You do what you please.
    • Some educators have been teaching in these places for years,
    • And they have gathered in communities and organized groups:
    • Networking in Virtual Worlds - The CVL Education Network
    • And they hold events fostering online education: CVL Events.
    • But we also use the extensive educational resources of the flat web.

    The online advantage

    • Always ready: You can type in a question or request at any time.
    • Others may answer when they see it.
    • Widespread:  Not limited to where you can drive.
    • Better chance of finding others in your specialty.
    • Optionally synchronous: Find people in your time zone.
    • For synchronous, you can have video-voice.
    • Optionally asynchronous: Find people in your specialty, wherever they are.
    • Far away could be valuable for teachers of foreign languages. 
    • No travel:  Go on your laptop.  Fast and free.  No dressing, no driving.  
    • You ask when you think of the question, not at the next meeting.
    • Online knowledge: The answer is probably on the web.
    • If somebody knows the links, that is all you need.

    Have a rare specialty?

    • Ask for help to search.  That's what your OPLN is for.
    • The wide reach of online raises the odds of finding others in that specialty. 

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